Fire & Chemical cabinets

Various industrial safety cabinets of different dimensions

Ecosolutions stocks various industrial safety cabinets of different dimensions, which provide safe storage for flammable liquid and chemicals. It features compact sizes, storing flammable liquid and organic solvents with ease.

  • Our safety cabinets complies with OSAH 29 CER 1910.106 and NFPA CODE 30, FM standard.
  • Complete double layer fire proof sheet steel, 38mm insulation layer is put in between double layer wall space.
  • Sheet steel of thickness over 1.0mm all-welded together making it more durable and robust, with better fire proof capacity
  • Three point inter-active locking system, easy open-close 180 degree cabinet door with double keys
  • Spill control sill of 5cm height prevent maximum leak control on accidental spill
  • Professional and standard warning label of high visibility
  • Double vents with flame arrestor set on the cabinet
  • Unique spill control and leakage shelves can be easily adjusted between up-down hooking supporter
  • Inside of cabinet is sprayed with permanent and lead-free paints
  • Stringent compliance with OSHA regulation – cabinets is earthed with static ground connection, easily making earth leading possible.