Silt screens

Contain and deflect sediment within a limited area


Soil loss into a watercourse can result in suspended sediments. In time, the suspended sediments may travel over long distances and affect wide spread areas. Our Sediment screen is designed to contain and deflect sediment within a limited area. They provide time for the soil particles to fall out of suspension and help prevent these particles from being transported to other areas. Our screens provide an excellent last line of defense and are therefore essential when land disturbing activities are adjacent or near the watercourse.

  • Construction Our screen is manufactured in 20-meter sections, which can be linked together with galvanized eyelids. The top and bottom section of the screen is made of a high quality polyethylene. This provides increased overall durability and strength. The screen and is made of industrial netting. Lockable pins and cables connect each section. Styrofoam inserts are used for floatation. A small-galvanized chain placed along the bottom allows the skirt to stay vertical in the water. Reinforced with galvanized metal and canvas material at connection points to provide additional strength.
  • Easy and fast to deployThe Silt screen will be ready for assembly on site. The screen will be transported in palletized units.
  • Deployment accessories Floats, Skirt Chain, Anchors, Anchor chain